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  1. What is a qualification?

    It is the recognition by a competent awarding body, determined following a formal assessment and validation process that an individual has achieved certain learning outcomes to standards set by the awarding body.

  2. What is the relationship between a learning outcome and a qualification?

    Achievement of certain learning outcomes after formal assessment and validation processes leads to achievement of a qualification.

  3. What is a National Qualifications Framework?
  4. A National Qualifications Framework is an instrument used to describe, classify, develop and compare qualifications using levels. Levels can be defined in terms of learning outcomes or inputs.

  5. What types of qualifications will be registered in the UAE National Qualifications Framework?

    Three types will be registered: principal, component and specific-profile qualifications.

    Principal awards are the major class of awards associated with each level, capturing a typical range of achievements for the level - e.g. Secondary School Certificate at Level 4, or Masters Degree at Level 9.

    Component awards provide recognition for learners who achieve a cohesive set of learning outcomes that forms part of the combination of learning outcomes required for a principal award - e.g. a principal award in computer applications at Level 6 could comprise several component awards, one of which could be a word processing award.

    Specific-profile awards are made for sets of learning outcomes that form a cohesive achievement but that may relate to only some of the strands of learning outcomes defining level. These awards often have relatively narrow purposes - e.g. certification of competence in health and safety in the construction industry. They are often of relatively low volume, by comparison with principal awards. Many specific profile awards function as supplements to principal awards - e.g. awards for the acquisition of specialisms that extend the range of learning outcomes associated with a medical degree.

  6. Can I get a "qualification" based on what I already know?

    We will help you acquire a qualification through RPL.

  7. What is a learning outcome?

    It is what a learner knows, understands and is able to do on completion of a learning process.

  8. What is an assessment criterion?

    Assessment criterion specifies the standard a learner is expected to meet to demonstrate that the learning outcomes have been achieved. Learners are required to meet all the assessment criteria for the judgment to be made that the outcomes have been achieved and for the learner to be considered competent or not yet competent.

  9. Does the UAE National Qualifications Authority award qualifications?

    No. It registers qualifications on the UAE National Qualifications Framework using its policies, criteria and procedures. Qualifications are awarded by the awarding bodies.

  10. Do you award certificates?

    No. Certificates will be awarded by the awarding bodies using rules and regulations of the Authority.